Simulate the behavior of an entire galaxy


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Galimulator is an original strategy and simulation game where you can see the constant development of a series of empires in an enormous galaxy. You can keep your distance and see what happens or take control of any one of the different empires and try to lead them on to conquest the entire galaxy.

Learning how to play correctly in Galimulator isn't easy; it's a complex game with dozens of options and even more possibilities. For this reason, the game offers three different tutorials that, while being completely optional, are definitely recommended. Yes, unlike many other games, these tutorials are actually useful. Thanks to them, you can learn all the basic concepts of the game in just a few minutes.

One of the key aspects in Galimulator is understanding that it's a strategic simulator with its most well-known reference being Crusader Kings. What does this mean? Well that at times, playing isn't just about winning and crushing all your enemies, but really to see how the galaxy develops and what impact your decisions have.

Galimulator is an original strategy game that offers a complex yet addictive gaming experience. It's a game that fans of strategy are sure to love, as long as you have the patience to learn everything the game has to offer, and there's quite a bit.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher